Friday, September 7, 2012


Dressing up as per your body shape is not some rocket science. All one need to know what body shape they are, identify the problem areas that need camouflaging and areas that need to be accentuated.

In this series I will discuss the various body shapes and how to dress for same.
But firstly let's have a quick look at the broad types of shapes for women.

*Apple – Rounded figure with small shoulders and big waist and relatively slender hands and legs

*Hourglass – Broad shoulders and breasts, narrow waist and big bottom

*Inverted triangle – Broad shoulders, narrow hips and relatively slender hands and legs

*Pear – Small shoulders and breasts, narrow waist and big bottom

*Rectangle – No curves, almost straight body top to bottom

We will discuss each of the above in a series of articles with each article focussing on one body type.

But there are few things that we should remember before jumping to any conclusions about what we can wear and not wear.

• Firstly no two bodies are same. Every body type will have some areas which will be more highlighted than others. For ex an inverted triangle may have tummy bulges, a pear shape may have relatively bigger breasts and so on. So apart from the body type also observe your body parts like bust, leg length, torso height, thigh width etc. knowing this will help you to make better choices.

• Secondly our body type may change with time depending upon the circumstances. For example we may gain/lose weight. Now different people have a tendency to gain/lose weight more at some parts than others. So keep re-evaluating your type from time to time.

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